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Providing a tailored, dedicated experience to clients is our top-priority.

We are clever, agile and uniquely positioned to provide high-quality work in a swift, industry-specific package for the digital era.

In today’s fast-paced environment, media + entertainment companies require competent, tech-savvy attorneys who can re-engineer the slower, less efficient models of the past.

KL&C’s founding team is atop of the new global trends and draws from 30+ years of experience within some of the industry’s top entertainment companies.

Working hand-in-hand, we not only serve as your law firm; We know how to absorb your unique culture and long-term objectives, integrating seamlessly as another extension of your team.



Entertainment Law

Managing legal transactions for Film, Television, and Video Games.

Dispute Resolution

Responding to demands, infringements, and disputes, and enforcing our clients’ rights.

Business Consulting

Strategizing with start-ups for all of their business and legal needs.

Intellectual Property

Managing, filing, and tracking all of your trademark and copyright needs under one roof.


In today’s fast-paced digital environment, KL&C Partners challenges what it means to be a law firm. We are completely paperless with a small environmental footprint.  Client data is secured through the strongest “bank-level” encryption available.  We leverage a seamless invoicing system to simplify the billing process and reduce waste on billable hours.  We give client’s peace of mind with the ease of online payments and secure communication with our firm anywhere, anytime.


Kimberlina McKinney

Founder & Managing Partner

Before becoming the managing attorney for KL&C Partners, Kimberlina represented A-List celebrities – Sandra Bullock, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Liam Neeson, Jude Law, Hulk Hogan, and World of Wonder Productions. Now, she serves as outside counsel to major television and film clients. She is also an adjunct professor of business law and provides business and legal affairs consultation for digital media, entertainment, and technology companies and start-ups of all kinds.

Jacqueline Priel

Senior Partner

Jackie has an extensive entertainment and new media law practice, including 13+ years of experience within the legal and business affairs departments at Sony, Universal, and several other Fortune 500 companies in music, television, and film. Jackie is also the co-founder of a women-owned music label, one of the only of its kind to broker deals with top studios for emerging artists.

Nadia Davari

Senior Partner

Nadia boasts of over 14 years of experience as a top entertainment and corporate attorney in Los Angeles. She has served as the outside counsel and VP of legal and business affairs for several media companies, including Gigapix Studios, Channel Factory, and Lightning Entertainment. Nadia also assisted in the sale of a major animation studio owned by Waterman Entertainment to Starz Entertainment, and is a guest lecturer at the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

“Prompt and extremely professional. Kimberlina fights for my best interests in every deal.”

Kyle Tekiela, Producer of the Netflix Original Film “Mudbound”

“Responsive, provides sound advice, quick turnaround of documents.”

Casey Baker, TV & Film Producer

“Expert work, administered in a diligent and personable manner.”

DDC Group, Inc., Restaurant and Retail Developer

I needed a brand protected, trademarked, and patented. I received swift communication and the work was completed fast. I would recommend KL&C Partners to all my close friends and family.”

Soulfia Perez-King, Social Influencer and Health/Fitness Entrepreneur



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With net neutrality being repealed and market competition being a core value in America, how could this AT&T merger destroy Netflix or (any other streaming competitor)? Well let’s take a moment to further understand net neutrality, the implications and opportunities for disruption.

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